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Here's the full view of my sidebar photo which includes dirty dishes and such :p
Hiiiiiiiiiiii. I'm Yanni. A 19-year-old Computer Science fresh graduate from the Philippines. To keep it simple, here are 5 (kind of) interesting facts about me:
  1. I grew up under the comfort of my uncle's and grandfather's music taste. (oldies music + alternative rock) Also, I think I need a separate blog post to talk about the entirety of my music taste.
  2. When it comes to my preferred genre in movies and manga, I go for the psychological, gore, and horror. I like pieces that challenge my limits and twist my mind a.k.a. Yamamoto Hideo, Stanley Kubrick, and Alfred Hitchcock pieces 👏
  3. Surprise, I hate cakes and donuts. 🙃 On the other hand, i'm a spicy food fan girl. To eat is to eat spicy. AND most importantly, MILK IS LYF.
  4. My memory is weak. Tried and tested to be true.
  5. I'm probably designing t-shirts or doing a random write-up during my free time, because YAY ART
Rude Alignments is an online vessel for my very random thoughts and write-ups. I have been maintaining a blog under this name since 2013 but some of my previous posts are in private already for some personal reasons.

Everything stated here is my work, and my perspective on things unless stated otherwise. Therefore, it may not be deemed true for everyone, and nobody may reproduce it without my formal consent. You can reach me through my e-mail address: padernosg@gmail.com or simply leave a message in the comments box!

Thank you for reading! 

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