July 18, 2017

How To Reach Any Goal

Almost everyone is well aware of the frustrations of a University student--how we try to juggle 5 (or more) major subjects in one semester, while keeping up with our social life, meeting the expectations of our old fellows, and maintaining our sanity. Plus, it could be extremely disheartening every time we fail. BUT HEY LIFE WILL STILL GO ON AND THE DEADLINES WILL STILL EXIST even when you've spent 5 hours overthinking about that failed exam in bed or half of the day catching up with friends (that you hang out with 24/7 🙄) over a bucket of beer.

And I am thankful that it does.

Because, as I was about to end my University Life (a.k.a. passing all my subjects, accomplishing my University clearance, and that good ole Graduation Ceremony), I realized that I have taken in a very important lesson, something I am really grateful to learn out of all those experiences.

TO ALWAYS FIND A WAY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. No matter how hard, how impossible that "it" may be. If it's righteous, do it.


But, hey, that cliche got me here.

A little background check ✔️

I am insecure of my capabilities, most of the time (!!! something that I would like to overcome). Add that up to all the unforeseen circumstances wherein I felt *not good enough* It doubled the struggle of motivating and "pushing" myself to earn my degree on time, but I faced it anyway because I believed that it was the best way to deal with it. It was not easy, in fact, it was really difficult to face my insecurities..... While cramming a programming exercise due the same day.

How? The hack? 💀

There is no hack. Instead, I trained myself carefully, until now, to keep my mind over the matter. To keep my eyes on the goal no matter how blurry. To hold on to the belief that there is a reality to my dreams. (WOW THAT WAS CHEESY) With that in mind, I have tried my best to make it through every mishap. I learned not to accept a drawback that I can turn into a step forward. I worked harder and harder, until I get the results that I wanted.

I may have failed an exam, but I can ace the next one by reviewing intensely. I may have not aced the next one, but at least I did not fail and I can still pull up my grades by working hard on the final project. So on and so forth..

The catch 🎣

I am not an expert on this, though. There are numerous times wherein I overworked myself that I can barely go on anymore. At times, I even negate what I preach, and all of sudden think that all of these are not even worth it.

"These are draining me out. Wtf?"
"It's impossible to finish, why am I even trying?"
"Okay, I'm giving up now."

It alarms me when that happens, because I feel myself slowing down and drifting away from my goal. However, soon after, I realized that it's okay to feel that way. It's okay to feel down and unmotivated sometimes. It's okay to be tired, and to take a break. Just be sure to pick yourself up when you're ready. No rush.

I also realized that that was the catch, after all. You have to learn to balance everything, to reward yourself from time to time, and to choose which battles are worth fighting for.

One down 🏆

I'm glad to know that one of the battles I chose was worth it. My doubts, my insecurities, and my emotional breakdowns somehow dwindled when I finally got my degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I am really proud!! (and kinda nervous because HI "REAL WORLD" but that's another story)

But, it does not end here. I know I will have bigger goals to reach. I might even forget about this lesson for a moment, and life might get harder from here on. Still, I know that when I'm lost I can find my way back sooner or later.


  1. I love this post! Also super in funny to find since I just posted a post about this years goals and how to re motivate yourself. Love it.

    1. Hahaha yes I just read it! Loved it as well. Thank youuu!!

  2. Awesome post! I definitely agree with taking breaks every now and then and learning to balance all our activites - very useful tips! :)

    1. Yep! Thank you for reading jo!!! 🤗☺️

  3. This was great and definietly a healthy way of pushing yourself further!

    Stella xx


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