July 31, 2017

The 20-year-old


Yesterday, July 30, was my birthday! With all the misadventures, big life decisions, and petty breakdowns, I am now on my 20th year in this world. (Wow I feel very old) It was a little tougher compared to my previous ones, but it's also the year when I became a part of the Executive Committee in an organization, built a Virtual Reality tour Application, graduated the University, received my first job offer, and many more. (...I felt validated for a while there) So for all that it's worth, I don't regret any day of it.

July 18, 2017

How To Reach Any Goal

Almost everyone is well aware of the frustrations of a University student--how we try to juggle 5 (or more) major subjects in one semester, while keeping up with our social life, meeting the expectations of our old fellows, and maintaining our sanity. Plus, it could be extremely disheartening every time we fail. BUT HEY LIFE WILL STILL GO ON AND THE DEADLINES WILL STILL EXIST even when you've spent 5 hours overthinking about that failed exam in bed or half of the day catching up with friends (that you hang out with 24/7 🙄) over a bucket of beer.

And I am thankful that it does.