February 26, 2017

Remember These 2017

With all the workload from academics, organizations, social life, and everything else in between, I tend to forget some of the most important things that I should never overlook: My values. So I'm going to list down some of the most important (for me) to keep me reminded.

Humility. At times when you feel superior or great or even when you don't, always try to remain down to earth. Do not UP yourself too much.  It is not healthy both for you and for the other person/s. Do not be condescending. Do not mock people for the things that they do not know. Do not boast, educate. Keep your feet on the ground.

Politeness. Most of the time, shyness leads to politeness. Don't let that happen. Remember to be polite and to show respect no matter how corny or elaborate it might be.

Gratitude. Always appreciate. Say "thank you" even for the little things. People tend to overlook the good stuff, and to allow the bad stuff to take over. Again, don't let that happen.

Discipline. Do the right thing to do. Follow your schedule or routine, because time really is GOLD.. Keep your deadlines, responsibilities, and priorities in mind. Do not let petty things take over your priorities. (These points are specially for people like me. I'm about to graduate this semester and I have to keep a good standing in my academics in order to do that. So bye-bye spontaneous self, for a while.)

Mind over matter. Despite the circumstances, feelings, emotions, and situations handed before you, always keep your mind above everything. (But with proper moderation)

Creativity....because art soothes my soul. Practice ANY form of art everyday! Don't be afraid to make mistakes!! (cliché but very very helpful) Explore the different corners of your mind!!! (Merely thinking of it excites me!)

That's all and I hope to live by these for the rest of the year. What's yours? 

October 18, 2016

10/15/16: Back Office Summit!

Being a part of AIESEC's official expansion in our university has been one of the truly developing experiences that I've had in my college life. Just yesterday, me and some of my orgmates attended the Back Office Summit for AIESECers. I won't be mentioning the technicalities of our summit but here's how it went..

We met up at McDonald's for breakfast (I've been avoiding McDonald's for a looong time cause I'm trying to eat healthy LOL but I can't deny the reality of how satisfying it is to finally fill my stomach with some Chicken A La King plus a rice flooded with gravyyyy!!! UHH) and headed to the venue at around 9:30 in the morning. I thought I'll be enjoying the sight-seeing during the whole 2 or 3-hour ride but BAM! I fell asleep. I woke up during the midst of their conversation about where to have our lunch. Finally deciding to eat at UP Town, I was so close to freaking out because it was my first time (It's because I love new places or maybe I'm just weird). We had pizza for lunch, I was so full I barely finished mine (but I did LOL Of course!). Finally, we went to the summit.

Lunch @ Sbarro!
It was kind of awkward for us at first since they were already in the middle of a game when we came over, especially for me because I don't know most of the people. But I gradually became at ease when the breakout sessions started. I met AIESECers from MiC, PUP, UPD, and etc. I expected it to be draining and boring, but it turned out to be quite fun! The exchange of conversations and knowledge regarding our department, Business Development, was really interesting and fulfilling. I'm glad I attended!

My department! Business Development <3
Anyway, on the way home we stopped ad McDonald's (AGAIN!!) for dinner and yes, I ordered the same meal. I thought we will be stucked in traffic but we were able to go home before 11 p.m. and to summarize: it was a nice and productive day, indeed!

June 13, 2016

On Buddhism

Discovering my interest in the beauty of Buddhism was not love at first sight. It is one of Asia's well-knowned religions so I've come across it as a topic in history books since grade school. However, it was only lately when I come to realize how much I would love to rediscover life and grow with Buddhism.

I won't call myself a Buddhist because when I first read about Buddhism (not in the history books!), it mentioned how they do not interest in labeling themselves. It was more of a way of life, a philosophy, rather than a religion. Yet they respect and do not counter the beliefs of other religions. In Buddhism, they do not worship idols yet they take time to show their gratitude and respect to Buddha or Siddharta Gautama for imparting the knowledge he's gained from his experiences and his enlightenment. Their teachings are open for validation from those who wanted to learn from it. Just because it was taught, doesn't mean it's true. Buddha wants the people to apply them and see for themselves. And from then on, I fell in love with it. I was very much in awe by its simplicity.

With that said, it does not mean that I have plans on leaving my current religion which is Christian Catholic. I've grown with it and it undoubtly made me a better person. Now, I am merely opening myself to the beliefs of other religions/philosophies. I would like to view the world in a different perspective. Learning Buddhism is one way of doing that. Nevertheless, every religion/philosophy only want what's best for our humanity. They just have different ways.
It was quite hard for me to share this thought since I've grown in a Christian community, but I wanted to just let it all out. Hopefully, through time, I'd be able to discover more of myself and my potentials through Buddhism.

December 30, 2015

Catching up!

Hello! I haven't written here for quite a while now, and there's nothing else to blame but my very busy semester as a Junior. However, there are no regrets in my part because every single moment of my semester was either value-adding, life-changing, or breath taking........ I am overflowing with stories right now!! A lot of things I didn't expect to happen just happened this semester, may it be good or bad (but I remember the good ones mostly). Waaahhh this semester is just so fun! Here are some of the highlights of this semester:

One-on-one hangouts with a friend. This includes a lot of adventures in between! I consider this as a highlight of my sem because I've built and strengthened a lot of friendships through this. :) I prefer having one-on-one hangouts more than group hangouts (but group hangouts are fun as well!) because I get to give my full attention to that certain person I am with and really listen to what he/she have to say. I love listening to stories. :)
There are the simple hangouts, most of the time with a dormmate, where we just find some place to eat and talk and talk and talk for hours! Or the ones where we met just. to. talk. There are the thrilling ones: I went out with this adventurous friend of mine and we take on roads that we don't know. The fun ones: Me and a friend of mine spent the night talking while walking around the campus and singing at a videoke!! And many others.... All of those, cherished. <3

Being an Organizing Committee Vice President for Creatives. Yep, the position is as overwhelming as the job description it comes along with. SO, AIESEC (The first youth organization that I joined in College) held an important event for the member recruitment process and I was chosen as one of the Organizing Committee. It was my first time to organize an event, and it turned out to be verrrrrry tiring yet verrrrry rewarding. There was, undeniably, a point where I hoped I did not accepted this in the first place because of all the academic stuff that I sacrificed. But then, all those sleepless nights, compromised programming + studying time, overtime meetings, and little misunderstandings paid off when the event finally happened! Successfully! This is one of the things I am really proud of. I'm so glad it happened to me! :)

Being a member of UP Gawad Kalinga Los Banos. Gawad Kalinga is an organization, which I have mentioned before in my previous post, that aims to provide a better life for the less fortunate. YES, I am finally a member! This organization really has a big impact on me and on my desire to be of help to other people. They bring back my faith to humanity, one volunteer at a time.

The death of my hard drive. I'm talking about the Local Hard Drive of my laptop. So yeah, I was not able to revive ANY files from the drive. Good bye college photos that I haven't uploaded yet, good bye 60+ albums in my Itunes, good bye Photoshop edits, good bye organization files, good bye unfinished programming exercises, good bye to all the stuff I left. I suffered for a week or two because of a malfunctioning laptop (as a Computer Science student, the struggle was ultimately real). I was not able to pass some of my assignment on time, but I survived! Honestly, aside from the suffering with regards to my academics, I did not get a negative feeling during that time. When I saw my clean desktop, after my laptop was fixed, I feel like starting a new. In a way, I kinda liked it. (BUT I still wish I backed-up my music and my photos way before all these!!!!)

First oculus rift experience. This one's really exciting.  A friend of a friend brought it one time to a hangout and allowed us to try it out. :) As soon as I laid my eyes upon that lovely piece-o'-thing, I shamelessly shrieked an "oh my god" To finally try an oculus rift is a dream come true! (Pewdiepie influence haha) I've been wanting to do this for a very long time!

Going to an amusement park with friends. It's been 10 years since I've been to a local amusement park, and that's why I was so excited about this! After 3 years of planning out, we finally made it happen. I am not a fan of extreme rides but that day, I challenged myself to go ride them extreme rides, beybeh. My legs feels like jellyace, my heart is pumping hard, my body is all air..  and that's when I know, I was really having fun. We didn't have the chance to ride the carousel though, which is kinda sad. It should've been the final act but all-in-all, we still had fun. And even though I have trust issues, during that day, I trusted the rides.

Attending Maskipaps: The Crossover with friends. Maskipaps: The Crossover is an after-party of the Lantern Parade of UP Diliman. It was a crossover of OPM (Original Pilipino Music) and EDM. And yes, I went there for the OPM. I went there to see my favorite Filipino band: Parokya ni Edgar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These exclamation points won't level to how I was feeling while listening to them LIVE. People might think I was losing my mind as I go crazy, shouting the lyrics to their songs but who cares. Rain, sweat, probably tears were all over me but all the matters was the music. There were also other cool Filipino bands like Urbandub, Franco, Autotelic, and Mayonnaise. (Mayonnaise's set was my second best! <3 Jopaaay, kamusta ka naaaa?~)
That night's adventures didn't stop there, because there was an after-hangout of the after-party. Me and my friends spent the night (No sleep, yes) at a place in QC (It was my first time going around the City, AND at 1 am), and went home in the morning.

Passing all of my subjects this semester. With all the hindrances, the late submissions, and the no submissions at all, I was able to pass all of my subjects without having to take any of the finals exam (In our institute, you can be exempted in taking the finals exam if your grade reaches the declared exemption grade). Allow me to express how much grateful and thankful I am of this semester. I was really disappointed with my performance this semester, since I have heavy workload (stated above ^) with my organizations (I love my orgs! I just suck at time management) so I was beyond surprised to finally get through all these!

OK, that's a long one. And guess what, I started writing this about 4 days ago. Typical lazy Yanni.
BTW,  how's your holiday vacation you guys? :)